Accenture Song: Consumers are changing – here’s how brands can keep up.

In a rapidly changing world, you might have noticed consumer behaviour has become increasingly complex – and even contradictory. People want to live by their values – but not always at the expense of value. And they’re okay with being paradoxical about their choices.

If brands want to keep up, they’ll need to shift from being “consumer-centric” to “life-centric”, putting consumers’ multifaceted lives at the centre.

That’s the discussion when a new report from Accenture Song takes the stage at e-Commerce Expo – The Human Paradox: From Consumer Centricity to Life Centricity, presented by Accenture Song’s Global Research Lead Agneta Björnsjö.

The findings will be shared with follow-up guide The Life-Centricity Playbook, which sets out 5 life-centric strategies or “plays” to drive growth in this shifting consumer landscape.

“Retail and e-commerce have rushed to respond to new consumer needs but are missing the bigger picture of how customers see them and too often, they add complexity instead.” says Björnsjö.

“To address this, one example of a life-centric play for e-commerce is relying on intelligence capabilities to help understand your customers and potential customers in all their dimensions: what’s their mindset at point of purchase, and what else is going on in the moment?”