• Challenges and successes towards a circular fashion industry

    Med: Marcus Hartmann, Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager på HM

    Deep dive into the current challenges the fashion industry faces to become a more sustainable business model. With an extensive background in sustainability from different industries such as retail, food and public administration, Marcus Hartmann will go through H&M’s path towards becoming a circular business and the path to reaching its high sustainability goals, as well as what successes and learnings we can take moving forward in the industry.

    Taggning: e-commerce, Retail

    Om: Marcus Hartmann

    Marcus Hartmann

    Joined H&M 2022 as Public Affairs & Sustainability Manager for Region North Europe. Marcus is a leader with an outside-in perspective skilled in public affairs, sustainability, PR, and media management. Marcus’ career is built from a variety of roles and industries within communications and sustainability such as Chief of staff at the Swedish government, Marketing Director at Teracom, and Corporate and Government Affairs Lead at Mondelez Internationals.